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What is Orthodontia?

Some people have naturally straight teeth that fit together. But if you have problems with your bite or the spacing of your teeth, you may need orthodontic care. Orthodontia is the branch of dentistry that deals with abnormalities of the teeth and jaw. Orthodontic care involves the use of devices, such as braces, to:

  • Straighten teeth
  • Correct problems with bite
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Align lips and teeth properly

Most people who receive orthodontic care are kids, but adults get braces, too. In young children, orthodontic treatment may guide proper jaw growth. This can help permanent teeth to come in properly. Straight permanent teeth can help prevent tooth problems later on.


Our Orthodontists treat children, teenagers and adults whose teeth are crooked, or whose jaws are not correctly aligned. They often treat bite problems caused by the upper and lower teeth not ‘fitting together’ properly.


This treatment can eliminate or reduce problems in four aspects:

  • Psychological issues
  • Oral diseases
  • Of the teeth
  • The TMJ (temporomandibular joint)

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    Teeth alignment can be achieved through several types of orthodontic appliances such as Invisalign. Removable orthodontic appliances are usually applied to children, in which all the teeth have not yet come out, while fixed orthodontic appliances with metal or ceramic plates which have consistency, can be applied to both children and adults.


    Invisalign represents another treatment for adults and adolescents. It is an orthodontic appliance which has a transparent plastic form.

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