Are there differences in the quality of dental implants? The answer is YES!

dental implants?

Are there differences in the quality of dental implants? The answer is YES!

The question that arises when we talk about the treatment with dental implants is whether there is any difference in quality when we choose one or the other brand.

Being a material that must be integrated with the jaw bone where the surgical intervention is performed, the implant must be very reliable, strong and with a high processing quality to withstand hours, days, months and years of continuous chewing in the mouth, where 100% of the food we consume is processed. Based on the latter, it has been noticed that most patients pay little or no attention to this argument, which is one of the most important in terms of the stability and strength of a healthy smile.

The tree is beautiful because its roots are strong, functional, and well embedded in the ground. Undoubtedly, the dental implant is a very important element to discuss when we want to take the step to have a quality dental treatment. The reason why individuals try to ignore the latter as a topic of discussion is more related to their lack of information as well as the tendency to eliminate as much cost as possible from their dental treatment.

Many patients want to have the lowest costs and feel satisfied when the clinic they asked for information offers them what they want to hear. Unfortunately, this is something for which we must rethink properly, since the biggest costs that occur in the following years are not written in the cheap costs of dental treatment.

It happens that in order to save in the short term, we are faced with the fact that we have to redo the dental treatment with implants from scratch. And this automatically doubles the costs when we could have evaluated them with the help of doctors and specialists as it should have been the first time.

If we talk about some of the best brands in the market that offer a high guarantee for a quality and effective dental treatment, we can mention Straumann, Nobel Biocare, Biohorizons, Zeros, DentalTech and many others. These are also some of the brands that are used in the Dental Med Travel clinic for treatments with dental implants, so that you feel completely satisfied with the investment you have made for your oral health.

The specialists will try to provide you with the necessary information about your treatment, from the first consultation you will perform, to the end of the dental treatment, where you will feel completely confident about your choice. We bring your desired smile, you just have faith in our work.

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