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1- Who are we?

Dental Med Austria is a dental clinic with its headquarters in Tirana, Albania, that has been operating in the Albanian market since 2009.

2- What is our goal?

The clinic aims to provide a wide range of dental services to solve various oral health problems, from painless dental implants to dental bone regeneration, from pyorrhea problems to dental prostheses, from dental aesthetics to the correction of dental defects, to pathologies of the crane-cervical-mandibular complex.

3- Who works with us?

Our team of doctors consists of dentists and maxillofacial surgeons who have specialized in the most prestigious universities in Europe and the USA in various branches of dentistry. Meet our team of doctors through the following:

4- What are the services we provide?

Our clinic is equipped with latest technology equipment and offer efficient performance and services thanks to the use of avant-garde high-tech technology. We perform the following: dental implants treatment, crowns and veneers, periodontal treatments, orthodontic, endodontic treatments as well as dental prosthesis.

5- How much time do I need to stay in Tirana for my dental treatment?

Depending on your personalized dental plan, the staying can be from just a few days to conclude everything, and this is most common for aesthetic treatments; or the duration of your staying can be split into two periods:

  • First period: 3-4 days for the performed surgery needed for dental implants treatments, which involves the removal of the root canal, cleaning and installment of the titanium implant that will take the role of the natural root; The work could be an All in 6, All in 8, All in 12 etc. Find out more ===>
  • Second trip: this could be after 3-4 months after the performed surgery, in order to let the jaw or the upper arch bone to heal up so the titanium implants are fully integrated into the bone, in order to continue with the final production of the crowns and installment over the implants, in a dedicated and more slow pace, since that some tests need to be done before the final work. This time is equivalent of 8-10 days of staying.
6- Are there other services you offer?

Glad to tell you that yes, there are! We offer assistance also with a dedicated tourism plan which includes: flight/ferry tickets discount; private transfer from the airport/port to the clinic/hotel; translation to the following languages: English, Italian, German, and French; Bed&Breakfast accommodation to the hotels nearby the clinic for a determined period.

7- Do you offer a guarantee?

All our interventions have a 5 year guarantee. The guarantee covers the costs for a new free operation, therefore completely borne by the Dental Med Austria clinic. In case of problems, the patient will only have to bear the travel expenses. The dental products we use are of the highest quality and we operate in compliance with international dental protocols and strict European hygiene regulations (Standard ISO 9001). We can demonstrate the origin of the materials through the implant passport, a traceability document.

8- How can I book a dental treatment with your clinic?

We use personal quotes that upon request, will be sent via WhatsApp / email to you, in order to have a closer look at the dental treatment plan and all the services we provide within the quote.

To confirm your booking, you must send us a copy of the ticket via Whatsapp. It is recommended to book at least 30 days in advance to better organize better the appointment agenda and save considerably on flights payments.

9- What is the payment process?

You can pay in cash or by quick bank transfer, in this case, it is the patient’s sole responsibility, prior to departure, to inform his / her bank of the intention to make a transfer from Albania, so that there are no unpleasant inconveniences, blocks or various restrictions regarding the issuance of a bank transfer via mobile application from foreign IP (Albania). Checks and prepaid cards are not accepted. We issue a regular invoice.

10- What is Dental Tourism?

The practice of traveling for dental care is called dental tourism. In some cases, you could pay less for your airfare, hotel, expenses, and dental procedure put together than you’d pay for just the dental work back home. Find out more ===>

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