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Dental Prosthetics

Dental prostheses are used to replace natural teeth and improve dental aesthetics, when teeth are damaged but still recoverable.
Fixed dental prostheses include crowns and bridges fixed to natural teeth and those fixed to integrated bone implants. They are permanent dental prostheses: they are cemented to natural teeth or artificial roots and cannot be removed.

doctor holding model with dental implant. He is holding the synthetic tooth between forefinger and thumb.

Dentures attached to natural teeth

Colloquially called “bridge”, this prosthesis is cemented on natural teeth, which serve as a pillar. We use metal-ceramic or zircon-ceramic crowns for dental prostheses on natural teeth. On the natural teeth, which must support the artificial tooth, crowns are placed on the inner sides, in the middle of which the missing tooth will be inserted.

Fixed dentures on implants

When several teeth are missing, the solution is a fixed prosthesis cemented to an implant, placed on an artificial root to which the replacement tooth is attached. The best implant is an Osseo integrated one, made of titanium, a metal that blends into the bone.

All in 6 dentures

All in 6 prostheses are permanent prostheses that use 6 dental implants for each tooth jaw. In one session – or in any case within 24 hours – the patient will have temporary teeth, which will then be replaced approximately 3 months after the operation, with the final prosthesis.

All in 8 dentures

All in 8 dentures are made of eight dental implants for each dental jaw. It is an optimal procedure for patients who have lost at least 80% of natural teeth. The implants support a fixed (or permanent) dental bridge of 12-14 teeth. Initially, the implants will be inserted into the jaw, with a temporary prosthesis. Then a dental bridge or a removable denture is attached. The operation takes 2-4 hours.

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    The advantages and benefits of All in 8 and All in 6 dentures:

    • Unlike removable dentures and fixed bridges, which rest on the gums or use adjacent natural teeth as anchors, All inn 8 dentures are inserted into the jaw.
    • The artificial roots of the prostheses are the same as the natural roots.
    • They improve chewing and any other oral activity like swallowing or speaking.
    • The intervention does not last long and the recovery time is quick.
    • Prostheses are identical to natural teeth and you can smile again like before

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