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What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are artificial restorations that permanently replace broken, missing or chipped teeth. They are prosthetic caps placed over the teeth to restore the shape, size and function of the teeth. The crown can be made of zirconium ceramic, metal ceramic, gold ceramic or all ceramic. Besides replacing a tooth to perfection, dental crowns are also able to replicate its natural beauty.


Dental Crowns Material

In the DENTAL MED TRAVEL clinic, our professional doctors suggest that the dental crowns are made of zircon material from the well-known German brand Zircon Zahn. They are very durable and have a high aesthetic. Also suggested are zirconia crowns EMAXwhich have many advantages over simple zircon crowns, due to the fact that in their composition, about 20% contain zircon, which guarantees their functionality and durability, while the rest surrounding the zircon is placed EMAXwhich guarantees maximum aesthetics and a Hollywood smile for every patient.

Both of these crowns, Zircon and Zircon EMAX, are 100% acceptable by the body, do not cause allergies, and guarantee a very long duration of their functionality.

Our professional doctors also suggest the material FULL EMAX in the form of dental crowns and veneers which are 100% composite EMAX and are mainly recommended only on the smile line, i.e. on 8-10 teeth of the upper and lower arch.

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    Tips for a perfect smile:

    • Brushing the teeth should become a habit that should always be done after meals.
    • Always use dental floss or tube cleaners every day.
    • Rinse periodically with a mouthwash.
    • Avoid chewing foods that are too hard.
    • Have your teeth and dental crowns checked at least every 6 months.

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