Dental Med Austria in Big Brother Albania VIP – Smiling without borders

Dental Med Austria in Big Brother Albania VIP – Smiling without borders

Big Brother Albania, in its second edition, has turned into a social phenomenon from which the eyes of all Albania folks are fixed on the TV screen not to miss a single moment from the countless and so intense events that are currently taking place inside one the of the most famous house in Albania. In the mist of this spectacle in a spectacular trend, Dental Med Austria was present, representing a brand of high quality, professionalism, beauty, and a magic that only a perfect smile can give. It is no coincidence that Dental Med Austria won the “Business Trend” award for 2022, emerging as one of the most talked about and successful businesses today.

The participation in the house of all Albanians has had a very significant impact. We have read comments expressed both by VIP residents and the general public about how Dental Med Austria in every place it goes, in every person it touches, manages to win the hearts of everyone for what it represents. Humility combined with unparalleled professionalism that is rarely seen nowadays.

Documenting this experience both visually and in writing is a thrill in itself, and what I want to share with you is the special thrill you feel when you see the sparkle in the eyes of some of the most famous characters in the country, when you see the beautiful smiles of our patients over the years who we now consider as our dear friends, who have honestly entrusted us with a significant part of their future. Dental Med Austria is proud to continue to be one of the most vocal dental clinics, a successful brand and a model to be followed by both people and businesses for the spirit and message it manages to convey to the general public. Everyone should allow and guarantee themselves an impressive, beautiful and hopeful smile. The world needs more smiles, so we say to those who want to get his/her life back on track: “I smile…with Dental Med Austria!”

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